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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Favourite YA Stand Alone Books

1. Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys

Such a brilliant book. Between Shades of Grey is essentially about the survivors of the Genocide of the Baltic people during the twentieth century. It follows teenager, Lina, and her family when they’re deported from Lithuania and forced to work in a camp. The premise is engrossing, and the writing is great, and the journey the characters take make for powerful reading.

2. Charm and Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

Weird, frustrating and depressing. I don’t think this’ll be everyone’s cup of tea — it certainly wasn’t a typical YA novel. Initially, I thought the story was about one thing, but it turned out to be something entirely different - the mystery and ambiguity was done really well. Highly recommended.

3. Speechless by Hannah Harrington

This was nothing spectacular, but it still left an impression. I think that was mainly down to the fact that there was no ridiculous epic romance or lame angst — it just had normal, flawed, and somewhat idiotic teenage characters. A good read.

4. Every Day by David Levithan

Essentially a book about body switching, but with a unique twist. The premise, story, and romance were all interesting. And the main character, A, was an engaging and relatable narrator. Every Day was definitely a thought provoking and engrossing read. 


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