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2014 Reading Challenge
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“How far are you in Supernatural? Still watching?”

Oh, Supernatural and I are in it for the long run! I am on season 7, about halfway through. I know, I know, how could I have gotten so far so fast? Well, if I am going to be honest it’s cuz I am a binge watcher. I was off from work today, because of my right hand and could not work on my nanowrimo and so the Winchesters and I got comfortable and right down to fighting monsters.

I have more book confessions in my inbox, but I want to give my dashboard a break. Will answer them tomorrow. Goodnight, Geeks!

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  1. readaholicgirl said: Season 7… the leviathans right? You’re close to being done. It is a good show too. I’m currently obessed with it. Reading fanfics to buy time til the next episode aires. :D have fun watching it
  2. bookgeekconfessions posted this
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